• After successfully introduced two arcade games, "Theia" "Mozarc" to the gamers worldwide over the span of 2 years. RayArk team is so overwhelmed by the positive feedback given to the depth quality of its productions, that decides to bring its reach to developing tablet console games by expanding the team’s manpower finances consequently since year 2011.

    As much a young team as RayArk is, its members are adequately mature, enthusiastic resilient. On top of that, everyone is looking to make RayArk a game developer that stands out amongst the top calibers in the industry. Every step thats being made allow us to get closer to the ultimate goal, no one is going to stop making efforts till it comes true.

    • Designer/Dealer: fullhouseidinterior/Sincere
    • Size of Project: 80 + Stations
    • Location: Taipei
    • KingdarProduct: IVIK systems